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About GAA Super Games:

GAA Super Games are defined as: Where a small-sided games format is provided for youth participants aged 12-17 years on an age-related and developmental needs basis. GAA Super Games in essence can be defined as informal developmental opportunities where participants oversee the organisation of the game, are youth centred and where they set the prevailing values

They can be based in Club, School and Community locations catering for a population not adequately served by regular school or club games through the traditional competitive structure.

GAA Super Games should provide the below, at a minimum, for participants:

  • Minimum 6 week period of activity
  • 60 mins per week
  • Games Based Approach (Small-sided games)
  • Play to Stay Values/Minimal Coaching Input
  • Dedicated GAA Super Games Coordinator
  • Suitable facilities - Indoor and/or Outdoor

Why are we delivering GAA Super Games?

The GAA 'Play to Stay' Ethos

In recent years, the GAA has seen a significant trend within the youth population indicated by a decline in the level of participation. This is denoted by a 49% drop off rate between the 12 - 17 year age groups.

On foot of this, a research study was commissioned in 2013 to investigate a solution, namely the GAA Super Games which were located in 10 Counties across the 4 Provinces. This provided us with valuable quantitative and qualitative information highlighting the driving forces behind continued participation for youth participants e.g. freedom to explore, peer-to-peer interaction, an increase in the amount of game time.

In keeping with this, Strategy 1.2 of the GAA Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017 aims to implement new models of participation in both urban and rural areas to deal with the increase/decrease in playing numbers. In order to achieve this, it has been identified that Youth (i.e. GAA Super Games) be developed in each County.

The GAA's vision is 'that everybody has the opportunity to be welcomed to take part in our games and culture, to participate fully, to grow and develop and to be inspired to keep a lifelong engagement with our association.' (The GAA Strategic Action Plan 2015-2017)

Where are GAA Super Games venue's located?

Please click on our Find a Super Games Centre tab to search for a GAA Super Games venue in your area.